Not even violent Masturbation would make me feel better right now. So heated.

I can’t explain that feeling.
Right before I cum.

I feel dirty, I feel bad.
I feel like someones looking at me.

This last time I think I looked through 15 short porn videos, before I found the one I could bring myself to climax to.

Heh. I’m so new to making myself cum. Everytime I do it I feel like it’s a major fuckin achievement. Lol.
Fuck it, it is.

I’m on a 3 night streak. I plan on keeping it going for the rest of the year. A orgasm a day…_______

You fill it in.

You wonder what kinda viddie I cum to? Tonight a 1 minute 35 second “intimate creampie”… Yesterday night; “creampie 50 gangbang in 5 minutes” (don’t judge me it was epic as hell).. Anyway, congrats we’ve found a theme.

I love trying to fall asleep, pussy literally dripping. Sheets damp. And Dreams: full of lust.

Gnite Deviantz

Anonymous Asked
QuestionDo you think women prefer long marathon sex or normalcy? Lol Answer

It depends on your view of normalcy.  Sex sort of fits the situation so what I normally recommend is that dudes actually just go ahead and get in shape enough for marathon sessions of sex because sometimes that’s what is good for the situation.  Sometimes quickies also work just fine.  I’d say it’s better to have a fresh variety instead of one steady set length of fuckin.

Anonymous Asked
QuestionHave you ever squirted? Answer

yeah I can make myself squirt with a vibrator. And I can sometimes during sex, it just takes a few

I always get a lot of new random friend requests when I upload a new profile picture on Facebook. One in particular comes from this light skin chick, who immediately messages me saying “Hey sexy, how are you.” I like that shit, because I can immediately tell she wants the P.

I say I’m good, whatever whatever, the conversation basically instantly turns to cum swapping. She says she likes cum swapping with sexy girls. I’m intrigued. Does she mean two girls giving head to a guess, then when he ejaculates make out and swap the cum, or does she mean guy fucks the girl, creampies, and then the other girl eats it out, ooor does it mean she eats me out til I cum in her mouth: cum swapping. Many possibilities raced through my head as you can tell. I’ve got a lot to learn. All that thinking I did when she typed that (+5). Naturally I check out her page to see what I’m dealing with, since now shes asking if I like threesome and I’m paranoid about getting catfished.

Like I said shes light skin (+5), long chocolate colored hair, which I’m confident is her own (+5). Age 24, I like them a little older, I’m just assuming but age usually mean they don’t get caught up in drama, and got a real head on their shoulders (+5). I’d say shes 5’7, nice ‘n thick. I never really got down with a body type like that so I’ll give that (+10). And finally she has this really innocent sweet look about her, which is my favorite disguise. Sweet freak. (+5)

She tells me she notices I have a boyfriend, I say “yes,& its serious.” I don’t want bitches getting confused any gay loving goes through my man first. True.

"Does he like having threesomes?" she says

@_@ You little sexual demon girl.  I’m always kinda looking for a third person just in case. Its one of my many daily fantasizes, but for her to just ask was pretty cool, not gonna lie (+5). 

"Does his cum taste good?" she says

"Hell yeah I wish I could have it breakfast lunch and dinner" I replied face turning red, and pussy throbbing.

Turns out she lives in Cali, which  brings her potential fuck score of 40 way, way down. Down to what exactly? I don’t know I have no basis for this grading scale. There is flaw in my logic. I just wanted to share with you how I score potential threesome candidates. As you can see my standards are so high even I don’t completely understand them. It takes a special kinda person.

-Dildo Faggins

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Questioni had a dream last night that i was laying on the floor and you kissed were wearing red lipstick. it was only for a couple seconds but i wish it lasted longer lols. but that brings me to my question: tell me about your first kiss what was it like? Answer

My first kiss was to a kid I did a lot sexual experimentation with at the. It happened in my back yard when I was 10, summer time, air full of the sweet smell of honey suckles.

I’ve got a few questions recently from a from a friend, seeking advice about why it takes so long to orgasm. He wants to give a girl an orgasm as well as have his own orgasm, but doesn’t want the sex drawn out for way too long. We’ll call him Mr. 4 hours. Mr. 4 hours takes only minutes to masturbate and ejaculate, but can’t get off while with a partner, I feel your pain.

Sounds like a problem I actually had for a long time. It is associated with having control, and that need to not feel vulnerable.  Fuck that, throw that mind frame out the window NOW. It’ll save you many hours, days, and weeks of mediocre sex. I do think it is a mental hurdle you alone have to get over. Let you’re walls down. And don’t judge yourself. Besides being able to go for a long time it a great thing, so harness that power!

First, be able to realize what you like when you are by yourself. You feel comfortable, and in control. Nobodies looking at you, and you really don’t have to think. Now take that and keep that cool mindset when your with your girl. Don’t put pressure on cumming, or her cumming.  I can tell you’re over thinking when you’re going through those motions. She’s like “why is he taking so long”, and you’re like: “oh no, I’m taking to long”. Then while you’re both going through the movements, yet thinking too hard, you have  left Passiontown and went far away on a guilt trip. #Sidenote I did that all the time when I was being pressured, I beat myself up because I couldn’t cum, then it REALLY didn’t happened for me. So yeah, don’t be like me.

 I used to think that it must take something really fucked up, and obscure to get me off, but it really only takes patience. Ain’t nobody really got time for 4 hours though so try different positions, take breaks, ask her to give you head.  If she gets frustrated bring the romance back and turn her on again because if both of you are feeling amazing; that’s what really matters. Sex isn’t about the final destination, its about the journey you take to get here.

Hope that helped. 

Sexual Perspective